Do You Know These Surprising Facts About The Handsome Matt LeBlanc?


I know, we can’t stop drooling over this Handsome man! I mean, seriously! Even at 49, he looks so adorable, so handsome! Matt LeBlanc, who gained international fame through the EverGreen TV sitcom “FRIENDS”, is hiding some surprising facts behind that beautiful face! The man who introduced the fab ever pick up line – “How you doing?”, who showed us what Friendship is and who made us laugh, sorry, who makes us laugh, cry, emotional, and what not by his fantastic performance as the dim-witted, women charmer and Food lover, Joey Tribbiani! Even now, I cannot call him Matt LeBlanc. He was, is and always will be Joey Tribbiani…

Well, other than being Joey, there are many other Surprising facts about this man, which you would definitely wanna find out! So, why to wait, let’s get started…

Below are the 14 Surprising Facts about Matt LeBlanc about his life, career, and interests that will take your breath away:

1. “Je m’appelle Claude”

Ring any bells? Yeah? When Phoebe tries to teach French to Joey…Well, Matt LeBlanc can speak fluent French! His father is a French-Canadian and mother, Italian. This got to be a Surprising fact for sure!

Surprising facts about Matt LeBlanc
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2. When was the first time on TV?

The struggle Joey goes through to become a recognized actor is much the same in his real life. Matt LeBlanc was first seen in a TV commercial for Heinz Ketchup in 1987!

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3. Joey and married?

Yes! Matt LeBlanc was married to Melissa McKnight, a former model. They got divorced after 3 years. They have a daughter Marina, who needless to say is the most lovable person for Matt.

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