Things Which Are Surprisingly Not Scientifically Proven That Will Blow Your Mind!


10. Polygraphs
There is no scientific basis behind Polygraphs which we also call as lie detectors. It is not detecting lies using any scientific logic.
Scientifically proven


11. Drink 8 Glasses of water Everyday
If you will search on Google or ask someone regarding the amount of water you need daily, you will get an answer ‘* glasses or 2 liters. But this is not true as if you will go deep into this research, you will find that amount of water should drink depends on certain factors like age and gender. There is no scientific evidence behind that 8 glass logic.

Scientifically proven


12. The existence of Black Holes
Every physicist and astronomer agree that black holes exist and neither we are opposing them because we also believe it. But there is no conclusive proof of it as would have to show a certain size mass exists within a given radius (i.e. the Schwarzschild radius).
Scientifically proven



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