Terrible Product Malfunctions That You Wish Shouldn’t Happen To You!


Whenever we purchase products we expect it to be perfectly working without any glitches. Most of the times it products does work fine. Consider the fact that a company produces a massively huge amount of products that are quite popular in the market and have no people complaining about it.  Then why not product should be purchased according to need. But sometimes in a whole lot bunch of products comes a faulty product with malfunctions in it.

Now, it cannot be truly your mistake that you couldn’t spot the malfunctions in it at first time or before buying it. Sometimes, the product looks and works perfectly fine until a period of time and then it starts showing it’s real defects.

By the time you are attached to the product and start needing it regularly it may show the real malfunctions it has.

Let’s take a look at some of these “Terrible Product Malfunctions”:

1. This car first rotated on edge and then flipped and destroyed another car too!

Rotating car display malfunction at local dealership from pics

If you’re a GTA fan you know what happens next 😉

2. Okay! You can call it one of the Malfunctions but you also need to control your weight.

Canadian bobsledder Christopher Spring having a slight wardrobe malfunction with his bobsledding suit. from pics

Just imagine it happening in the last minutes before a competition. Nightmare!

3. This is what happens when all your fireworks go off at once.

Firework malfunction. All go off at same time in San Diego. from pics

Though it looks beautiful to other’s eyes, not yours.

4. Times Square isn’t always like the boring ad thing.

Time Square Malfunction from pics

But sometimes advertisements look better than white stripes.

5. Oops, this definitely isn’t what they wanted to advertise.

Ridiculously expensive Mac OS X malfunction or brilliant Windows smear ad? from pics

They definitely are popularizing Mac OS and the malfunctions it has.

6. How did this even happen?

Our office vending machine had a slight malfunction today. from pics

Did someone just kick the machine with their whole strength? 


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