Terrible Product Malfunctions That You Wish Shouldn’t Happen To You!


10. This isn’t a Product Malfunction, it can be your life malfunction!

A Southwest Airlines flight just landed safely after his "major engine malfunction". from pics

If I ever get to see this on a plane I will get off the flight and prefer not to fly!

11. This pilot managed to eject just in time after his plane stalled.

Pilot safely ejects after engine malfunction. Photo taken just before impact. from pics

The pilot didn’t get many injuries but it definitely cost a lot to the authorities.

12. Is this an Elf, Dwarf or what?

Panoramic malfunction from pics

Between the Washington Monument falling over, this guy losing his face, and the ground getting bored and flying away, it’s hard to decide where to start here. And see that girl there has a Zombie walk. 


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