20 Terrible Reasons Why Couples Fought During The Holidays!


Holidays are supposed to be warm and cuddly and full of love. But sometimes, things don’t go the way we want them to. Rather it becomes really saddening and depressing. Especially when couples fight for the most terrible reasons!

You will feel sad to know that these couples fought for the most terrible reasons during the holidays!

1. Wow, he couldn’t really save the fight for later on?!

terrible reasons why couples fought during the holidays

2. Okay, that is definitely not fighting, that is just you too loving and wanting the other person to be happy.3. Hey! At least you got presents, and honestly, this is definitely not shorter than being petty.4. This is definitely the kind of fights that I’m up for!5. You know what? Dump his ass, because honestly, he is just being a jerk, and you definitely wouldn’t want to stick around with a jerk now do you?6. This is definitely something that nobody wants especially during Christmas.7. Okay, fair enough, what you can do is, Spend new years’ eve with one and Christmas with the other.8. Seriously, these exes can never let anybody live in peace.9. Okay, you both just need some hot chocolate and nice cuddles, go get him girl!10. Okay, so, looks like, he is definitely not gonna be around for much time. Never mind you will find someone better.11. Yeah, that is definitely a wise thing to do. 12. Okay, you need to make your girl understand that this isn’t the right time to fight about silly things!13. Look, holidays are definitely one of those occasions that make your girl crave attention. But, you really wouldn’t want to be bankrupt now do you? So, stick to the money.14. He is so not the husband material girl!15. Whoa! What? Are you freaking serious right now?read also: 19 People Confess They Probably Have Texting Anxiety Because They Can’t Text First!

16. Whoa girl, you definitely need to calm down.17. Okay, some people definitely have this habit, but you need to decide for yourself now.

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18. Whoa! That is so not done.

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19. Um, I’m guessing she wasn’t entirely wrong on this one!20. Well, he definitely needs to be more mature.terrible reasons why couples fought during holidays

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