12 Most Horrifying Beauty Stories To Terrify You


Bizzare Beauty Stories

Being beautiful is not that easy. You need to straighten, curl, wax and what not. Girls need to deal with extreme pain and also come in contact with things that are really very harmful if not taken caution like bleach and hot wax.

So here are 12 most terrifying beauty stories to terrify you:

1. Getting a clean bikini wax feels like heaven but what if you apply bleach instead of moisturizer at the end. Does not sound like heaven, does it?

horror beauty stories


2. Face masks don’t always make you feel beautiful. Looking like a nun is not that pretty, is it?

beauty horror stories


3. Some people want to have a dark complexion and then tan too much-making others panic. Some people, on the other hand, want to be fairer and apply too much skin-lightening cosmetics resulting to this:


beauty horror stories



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