18 Tinder Horror Stories That Will Make You Puke On Your Phone!


Tales More Terrifying Than A Haunted House- 18 Tinder Horror Stories compared to which all horror stories are nothing

Dating is one risky business folks for you get to meet many creeps and weirdoes (no path is ever completely rosy, you know), and it gets way more terrifying with all these online dating apps like Tinder where the identity and personality of a person is gauged by his/her profile. And sometimes that assessment turns out to be so wrong it makes online dating a big NO for you, scarring you for the lifetime.

So my fellow mates, the beginners and the masters of the dating world, let me acquaint with the horrors of your beloved Tinder, the real life experiences of some not-so-fortunate ones.

Get ready to be tremble, for the Tinder horror stories are here!

1. Pretty ambitious, don’t you think?

Tinder Horror Stories

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2. Right now, she is having an explosive reaction to your very existence


3. Trolled by Tinder


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