17 Facts You Rarely Know About The Avengers! #8 Is So Creepy!


5. Iron Man’s Armour was chargeable


Iron Man use to charge his suit frequently from the wall outlet. So it’s no wonder why Iron Man’s dress is a thing of fantasy. Tony would be seen wearing Iron Man’s suit which he uses to charge with the electricity to keep him alive.

6. Avengers fought Justice League


Based on your liking and knowledge for the comic books, you may or may not be knowing that Marvel and DC Superheros were seen face to face, fighting to each other in one of the issues named JLA/Avengers. Though, the fight ended on the good note and with an amazing moment when Superman hold both Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer.

7. Hulk got transformed himself into Bruce Banner 


The Hulk is a green-skinned, hulking and muscular humanoid possessing a vast degree of physical strength, and his alter ego Bruce Banner, a physically weak, socially withdrawn, and emotionally reserved physicist, the two exists as independent personalities and resenting of the other. Stan Lee made Hulk so angry in order to finish the battle, which turned him into Bruce Banner- obviously, this never happened.

8. Ms. Marvel married her own Son


Ms. Marvel in one of Avenger#200 issue was raped by one of the villains named as Marcus Immortus. While Ms. Marvel (also known as Captain Marvel) have no memory of giving birth to a child and later fall in love with his son. This nonsensical act was never explained and mentioned ever.


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