17 Facts You Rarely Know About The Avengers! #8 Is So Creepy!


9. The Hulk was a lead Superhero Character in Avenger#1


The Hulk was considered to be high-profile members of the team in the movie. Whereas, in the comics, Hulk was only Avenger member for a single issue. By the end of the second issue, Hulk was replaced by Captain America (who become the founding member of the team) and removed from the team only for his comeback in the movie.

10. The Biggest Security Exposure – Nick Fury


Nick Fury was originally a white WWII vet, in the comics. Marvel decided to cast Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in the movie as Marvel already made him the model for a new version of the character and fans just loved it. Fury was made black in the main Marvel Universe, to explain this change they gave the original character unknown African-American son manned Nick Fury Jr. and had taken him over his dad. Nick Jr. is on the moon these days. Perplexed?

11. Bill Bixby inspired the character of Hulk


The character of Hulk was created upon the inspiration of Bill Bixby who is a tremendous actor. Bixby played the character so well that the audience falls in love with the character of Bruce Banner.

12. Daredevil delayed; created The Avengers


Due to some issues in the printing, Daredevil#1 was delayed. Around this time, Stan Lee thought of throwing a bunch of superheroes into a team that was later recognized as The Avengers. This cause birth of The Avengers filling the gap that was left by The Man Without Fear.


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