17 Facts You Rarely Know About The Avengers! #8 Is So Creepy!


13. In the movie, only one scene was shot same as script


You’ll be amazed to know that only one scene from the screenplay was shot exactly the same as in the script. The scene was where Scarlett Johansson’s Black widow being held captive and interrogated. Joss Wheldon was still writing The Avengers, so every scene was changed while shooting apart from one featuring Scarlett.

14. Hawkeye becomes Captian America


Tony Stark gave his shield and costume to Hawkeye during the Civil Wars, when Steve Rogers was shot dead. The death of Rogers left Marvel Universe without Captain America so Hawkeye was offered to be Captain America. But Hawkeye turned down the offer and rather joined outlaw Avengers.

15. Hulk was masked as Robot Clown 


After the first issue of The Avengers, Hulk was seen defeated by the team after which he took shelter in a traveling circus. The Hulk was forced to be a robot clown named as Mechano. Hulk was thus left alone for some time due to the delay in the first comic issue.

16. Hulk transferring into Human at Sunrise


Marvel initially changed Hulk into a monster when at Sunset and revert him back instantly into a human form upon Sunrise. But, eventually, changes were made and Banner was transformed into a creature called Hulk whenever he uses to be angry.

17. Avenger’s Code Word


Marvel’s every project has code word and apparently The Avengers also possess code word. The code name for Avengers was Group Hug. Tom Hiddleston named it as Group Hug, as it was just insanely cool to see all these Superheros teaming up on the sets as if they are normal people with no celebrity tag.¬†


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