The Craziest Jobs Around The World Actually Exist!


Unemployment is a relative term if you know how do make making by making the least efforts. Well, not saying that unemployment doesn’t exist, but wait till you see these crazy jobs that’ll make even the employed people jealous. Not only are these the craziest jobs ever but some might even be really a fun thing to do!

These craziest jobs from around the world would make you wanna leave your job asap!

1. An Electric Shock Giver, yep this is exactly what it sounds like, In Mexico, people carry small boxes that carry meters to give you a good dose of electric shock. Well, some opt for this torture to get sober, some say they get high. But either way, this job is a real job.

2. Professional wedding guest, I’m not sure what her role is, but yes, you can hire guests that will dress up pretty, and attend your wedding. Besides the money, you also get free food!

3. Water Slider Tester, Okay this looks really fun. Water Slider testers need to check all the things from the start of the slide till the end and report if he experiences any discomfort.
4. Stand-by liners, people in Tokyo will gladly stand in long queues as you stay at home or finish your shopping if you give them money.

5. professional cuddlers, God, now what? So, Japan is known to be the land of workaholics and hence to ease them off or to prevent them from feeling lonely, professional cuddlers are there.
6. Chick Gender Determiner, not as weird as the other few, but this is also a professional job that requires you to determine the sex of the baby chicks.
7. Rental Boyfriends, don’t have a boyfriend but have money? In Tokyo, you can rent a boyfriend by the hour to accompany you to the movies or even take you out on dates.
8. Toilet paper sniffer, okay, now that is seriously weird. Apparently, this job requires you to sniff the toilet papers and rate them according to their smell and comfort.
craziest jobs
9. Professional Sleeper, these guys are getting paid for just sleeping? Here I come, these people are paid to fall asleep while scientists study the various sleeping disorders associated.
craziest jobs
10. Roller-coaster, not a fun job unless you love roller coaster rides. You’ve got to clean up the mess that people create.
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