There Are Two Types Of Girls In This World, Which One Are You?


In this world there are two types of girls, one who knows what they’re doing, and the one who is just thankful for their existence, I am most definitely the second one. The first kind knows what to wear, how to speak, what to do in a party, how to look pretty making a hair bun. But, the other kind thinks its absolutely okay to show up at your prom in your pajamas.

This world has two types of girls, time for you to find out which type are you!

1. Well, here you go, one who is really glad she got to meet a dinosaur, and the second one looks like my childhood picture when I visited a dinosaur park!
two types of girls

2. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely choose slippers over these tiring heels anyday!
two types of girls
3. The one who barely makes it out alive of the pool, and one who is ready for her pool shot!
two types of girls
4. Yeah, headstands aren’t really our cup of tea.
two types of girls
5. One who always looks cute in these mini shorts, and one who knows what a sports uniform looks like.
two types of girls
6. I guess big a pizza is more fun than being the ones who look like they could use a pizza!
two types of girls
7. Harley Quinn or Hulk Mania? Well, obviously Hulk mania!

8. Why end up wasted and have a dreadful hungover when you can just be happy enjoying your food at a party!

9. Who needs a man to kiss when you can kiss alcohol instead! At least the alcohol won’t cheat on you!

10. Bad girls Vs good cookies, who do you think will win tonight?

11. When you know your priorities and won’t give them up for these meaningless photos!

12. The real Disney princess Vs the modern hot adaptation of the same.

13. You can be a hot tennis player, or be a super cool banana. Minions will love you if you’re a banana though!

14. The one who knows she cute, and the one who’s still stuck on Veronica from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

15. No thank you, I think I’m happy being the real Ninja Turtle!


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