These Actors Would Definitely Want To Forget These Embarrassing Movie Scenes!


Let’s face it, acting isn’t a child’s play, the actors really put their souls into it. But some scenes really demand much more than simply acting, it can definitely take a toll on the mental state of a person. These actors have had to go through some pretty worst scenes of their career that they would really love to forget about!

Here are some of the embarrassing movie scenes that our favorite actors would love to forget about!

1. Hugh Jackman, Love-43.

Jackman really regretted being a part of this movie which initially seems appealing and a comedy but later turned out to be an absurd comedy filled with dark humor. Hugh Jackman is even seen posting a message to his future self not to be a part of this movie.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hercules in New York,

He definitely recalls this particular movie as his worst career choice ever, he still laughs with cringe when he recalls his scene in the Central Park where he was supposedly fighting with a bear.
actors3. Jennifer Lawrence, Passengers.

As an artist, you’re put to various challenges that can shake the foundations of your conscience. The lovemaking scene in Passengers was definitely one of the most challenging scenes for Jennifer involving Chris Patt, who was married. She felt really guilty for kissing a married man and coudn’t get this out of her head for days after.
actors4. Martin Sheen, Apocalypse Now.

In the initial scenes, the actor had to showcase his exhausted and drunken state who was really frustrated with whatever that was going on. But, he recalls this as one of his worst scenes because the actor was really drunk and had created havoc in the hotel room.
actors5. Nicole Kidman, Big Little Lies.

A strong independent woman often feels depressed and humiliated when it comes to shooting a scene where she is shown as really vulnerable, acting like a wife to a really abusive husband that pushed Kidman into depression.
6. Bryan Cranston, Breaking bad.

In one of the scenes where Jesse’s girlfriend was dying in front of him, really shook him up as an actor. He had to let go of his humane instincts to perform this scene which really affected his state of mind.
7. Alfie Allen, Game of Thrones.

Let’s face it we can all agree that the wedding night of Sansa and Ramsay was the worst episode in the entire series of Game of Thrones, the actor’s emotions were absolutely real as he couldn’t bear to perform the scene watching Sophie Turner get humiliated like that.

8. Jessica Alba, Fantastic Four.

The second part of the Fantastic Four franchise actually shut Jessica Alba’s acting career closed. The actress was criticized for showing too many real emotions in the scenes and wasn’t crying pretty. The actress really took these criticisms to her heart and called it quits.
9. Robert Pattinson, Water For the Elephants.

Shooting a kissing scene with a bad cold isn’t what comes as easy. And especially when your co-actor is getting constantly irritated with your runny nose problem.
10. Leonardo di Caprio and Tobey Maguire.

The entire plot was utterly disgraceful for these two in the movie Don’s Plum, they are ashamed of each and every scene filled with vulgar jokes and unnecessary monologues. They even sued the producers for this.


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