These Amazing Before And After Images Will Reignite Your Love For Photoshopping


People undoubtedly want to look good on their social profiles and photoshopping the desired look is the easiest way to attain that.

We can’t control how we look on our driving license or passport but we can certainly work on how we look on our social media profiles.
The photos we see on social networks are most of the time deceiving. With apps like Instagram, Facebook etc., available with crazy filters and tweaking capabilities, getting a look on our images that is nothing like our original self is quite simple.

But one Chinese social media platform Weibo user has taken upon themselves to provide insanely out of the world looks to user photos by applying some crazy photoshopping skills.
Be it a guy or girl, Kanahoooo is known for turning mundane profile pictures to gorgeous celebrity like photos. The expertise level of Kanahoooo’s photoshopping skills is quite insane and it is pretty much impossible to differentiate someone from their before and after photos.

The Weibo netizen, also popularly known as the ‘Photoshop Holy’, has surely taken the art of photoshopping to take next level to say the least. With over 4 million fans on Weibo, Kanahoooo’s work is in demand and popular on worldwide basis.

Scroll down to see some of her crazy works that will surely make you double check the background to make sure it is the same person.

Don’t Believe The Perfect Thing You See Online’ – Kanahoooo

These Before and After Photos Are Unrecognisable

She Is Known As Photoshop Holy For A Reason

Kanahoooo Also Shares Tutorials On Weibo On How To Make Chin Look Pointer

She Also Challenges Her Weibo Followers From Time to Time to Showcase Their Photoshop Talent

There’s Nothing Real On Social Media Any More

Kanahoooo Doesn’t Even Uses A Desktop – She Uses Photo Apps On Her Phone or Tablet

Looks Can Be Deceiving

On Her Weibo Homepage She  Generally Shares Tips and Tricks Of Fine Photoshopping

‘If You Want To Find Out About Somebody, Then See Them In Real Life’ – Kanahoooo


Image Credits – kanahoooo On Weibo


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