These Amusing Instances Of Struggle Short People Face On Daily Basis Will Make You Feel Blessed For Your Height


Being tall or at least of normal size has its own advantages, and it is the short people who understand it the best. In fact, being short has a number of disadvantages. However, tall people rarely understand the problems faced by short people. Yet, short people would certainly testify that living a life as a 4’10” or so is difficult. In fact, it is a daily struggle. Whether it is about lovemaking or driving, it really becomes difficult to get your feet and hands at the right places at the same time. While lovemaking can really become irksome, especially if the partner has a normal height, driving can really become dangerous. You may not be able to reach the brake or clutch and see the road in front of you at the same time. Need to take stuff from the kitchen cabinet, just hop onto the counter. Indeed, there are things that really appear to be awful to people with normal height let alone those who are tall enough to just take things down from the cabinet without even needing to stand on their toes.

Short people have to face difficulty at every step, even in something as enjoyable as buying clothes from the store. You may need to take the help of your friend to reach a garment in order to try it.

Taking a photograph by the truck! Chances are that either the person will not be seen or the truck will disappear from the field. In fact, a truck mirror may be at a higher position than your girlfriend with a height of 4’ 10”.

Getting ready for the night? Your girlfriend may be too short for the mirror and she may just need to hop onto the counter to get those finishing touches.

Well, last but not the least, while taking a groupfie push your girlfriend to the front row. Otherwise, she may just not be visible.

Here are some of the most amusing evidence of Struggles short people face


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