These Brilliant Dark Comics Are For the People Who Love Dark Humor!


Every one of us needs a good dose of laughter at the end of the day. Even if we’re going through some crisis, laughter is the only thing that’ll make us feel better. Well, some people find laughter in dark humor, they don’t mind laughter with a little twist, and these comics are definitely for those people!

Love dark humor? Then you’d definitely love these brutally funny comics by Mr. Lovenstein!

1. It isn’t always easy to keep your calm and composure especially when there’s food involved.dark humor

2. Just when you begin to think that everything’s going to be alright. Life messes it up real bad!

3. Now, that’s how you introduce people (or the Grim Reaper in this case) to good movies.

4. It counts for real my friend. And you can’t even opt out of it!
5. You may leave college but college doesn’t leave you, still trying to submitt assignments past their due dates.

6. Some things don’t get tired of showing off themselves, GO TO HELL!

7. But sometimes, it isn’t really good to be the most favored one. Especially if you gotta work over and over.

8. Yup, this is the most accurate representation of the path to success.
9. Okay, you definitely had me confused too in the first half, but the ending dude!
10. That’s me, I am this comic.

11. No matter what you do, you’re gonna end up F’ing tired. This is a fact.

12. Me too Raven, me too.
dark humor
13. Dads will always tell you what’s real, even if it’s too deep for you to understand.
dark humor
14. Roomates aren’t supposed to do that doggo!
dark humor
15. And then many a time so happens that the opposite of what you think happens. 
dark humor
16. And then there’s that.dark humor
17. Wow, why is this comic me? I swear this is what really happens.

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