These Celebrities Seem To Be Drinking From The Fountain Of Youth!


Age doesn’t seem to spare anyone, whether you’re rich or poor, commoner or a celebrity. In the age does catch up and you’re longer the gorgeous beauty you once used to be. But, not when it comes to these celebrities, they seem to have taken a vow to never get old. Well, if the fountain of youth like Jack Sparrow said really does exists then they are definitely drinking from it!

Do you believe in the fountain of youth? Cause it looks like these celebrities have been drinking from the fountain of youth!

1. Yasmin Le Bon who is 54 now, with her daughter, they look like sisters rather than mother and daughter.

2. Take a guess who is the mother and who is the daughter? Well, the lady on the right is actress Polina Maximova with her mother. They look like twins though, don’t they?

3. If she is anything over than 40 then I’m a monkey’s uncle. Okay, so, Miss Universe 1965 Aapara Hongaskula is apparently 72.

4. Kim-He-Ae, this is impossible! She is 52, doesn’t look like a day over 20.

5. Jared Leto, our handsome Joker is 47, but looks like he’s really stuck in a time frame, why doesn’t he ever age?

6. Our gorgeous grey-eyed Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is 45-years-old, honestly she’s never gonna grow old I believe!

7. Known to be the Greek-God of Bollywood, the handsome Hrithik Roshan is now 45.

8. Iman, the Somali born, African-American fashion model is 63-years-old, I don’t believe this!

9. Anna Nystrom with her ever beautiful and ageless mother.

10. Milind Soman, you beauty, he is 53 now! Can’t believe it at all!
fountain of youth
11. She’s a GRANDMOTHER? Well, yes, Zakina Berrido Pesano is 51 and a grandmother.
fountain of youth
12. Though she looks like a teenager, Masako Mizutani is 51.
fountain of youth
13. Mike O’Hearn is 51, but definitely looks like he has still got a lot of fight left in him!
fountain of youth
14. Heru Hsu the one in the middle, believe me, she isn’t 18, she is 43!
fountain of youth
15. The man who made the girls go crazy over the secret of his youth, Chuando Tan is 52-years-old!
fountain of youth


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