These Cool Dads Are Breaking All Records Of Being Sweet!


We’ve all seen how sweet dads can be, I mean all dads can be a teeny bit embarrassing. But, believe me, when I say this, there is no length they won’t go, to actually make you feel like a prince or princess. These cool dads are showing other dads how to actually win hearts, cause they are pretty good at the dad thing!

Cool dads who are setting the bar pretty high for other dads out there!

1. This dad is taking his daughter to the Cinderella movie and has dressed her up as Cinderella and himself as the Prince.
cool dads

2. The dads will do anything to do protect their children, no matter what little they have to make do with.
cool dads
3. This dad matches his outfits with his son who is an autistic child, just look at the smile on his face!
cool dads
4. Only dads have the power to think for you selflessly and protect you from everything that tries to harm you.
cool dads
5. The warmth and love of a father can help you cheat death, there is no arm safer than that of a father.
cool dads
6. Father and daughter both superheroes on their way to save the world.
cool dads
7. Years may pass, but traditions never go away. His daughter was there with him supporting her daddy on his graduation, and today her dad was there for her graduation!

8. No matter how old you get you’ll never be too old for your father to get a ride on his shoulders.

9. This dad found the perfect way to keep his son’s Reese’s packet from melting.

10. This picture is speaking volumes on what a father’s love for her daughter, and how hard it is to say goodbye to your favorite princess.

11. When your daughters want to become Elsa for Halloween, so, you gotta be Elsa too!

12. His father couldn’t hold his tears back when his son, the first from his family to have graduated with a masters degree.

13. Looks like this father-daughter duo grew up together.

14. His father passed out after taking care of him the entire night, nobody can match a father’s love.

15. His daughter passed away, this was the last thing she gave to him before her tragic accident.


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