These Disney Princesses Have Been Reimagined As Modern Day Bad Girls!


Whenever we speak of Disney Princesses the first thing that comes to our mind is how good they are. No matter who she might be, she is always calm, composed and poised and is definitely the best example one may use when speaking of beauty and grace. But this is the 21st century people, even our Disney princesses have now become Gen-Z bad girls!

Disney Princesses reimagined as modern day bad girls is definitely going to make your jaw drop!

1. Moana isn’t that innocent girl from the Island of Motonui, she is now a modern-day girl who doesn’t really have much care for the world, and does what others say she cannot!
bad girls

2. Elsa was definitely a queen after all our hearts. Her modern-day transformation looks absolutely stunning, more independent and less care for what the world thinks of her.
bad girls
3. Snow White, the sweet little princess who believed everyone was good in this world has now turned into a beauty icon and is obsessed with herself and her selfies!
bad girls4. Tiana is now free and doesn’t need any man, frog and prince alike to know her self worth. She knows she is enough for herself.
bad girls5. Belle isn’t a delicate beauty anymore, she knows she can win any beast over with her charm and her looks and puts it to good use.
bad girls6. Ariel isn’t after that unworthy Prince of hers, she is now into Pizza, Pepsi, and basketball. She plays a lot of online games as well and doesn’t really waste her time on boys who don’t know her worth.

7. Rapunzel after reuniting with her parents developed a taste for goth and is now doing what she wants.
8. Cinderella isn’t the innocent humble girl anymore, she knows that only she can make herself happy and does whatever it takes for self-love.
9. Jasmine, our wild princesses is now a cheerleader for the state team and is really beautiful and sensual.
10. Pocahontas was always a free spirit and now, she enjoys her college days and out with friends.

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