These Funny Epitaphs Prove That Some People’s Wit And Humor Will Live On Forever


Life is short, and after death memories of a person fade over time. However, there had been people who ensured that people remembered them at least while and after visiting them in their graves. Is there a better way to ensure that through funny epitaphs on their own graves? Surely not! There are people who have ensured that even passersby or those visiting other people’s graves stop by their graves and have a laugh. Going through the graves one can come across some unique ones that have engravings of words of fun, wit and humor that can leave visitors laughing and gasping at the sense of humor of the person when he or she was living.

In fact, many of these funny lines on the epitaphs of graves rue sarcastically on the realities of life in its various shades. So, the line on the tomb of a gay Vietnam war veteran reads that he had owned a medal for killing two men, but was removed for loving another. Well, sure being gay used to be an offense in those times.

Walking through the cemetery you may come across some tombs that tell quite jokingly on the lack of parental care. If you happen to stop by a tomb that reads like “I told you I was sick”, it may remind you of your late father or mother who had told you that he or she was sick and needs medical care.

However, most of the tombs bear purely funny and humorous messages that sometimes touch upon afterlife and sometimes just purely on the times that he or she had lived. These people were actually pretty creative and funny to have told their relatives to engrave stuff like Christmas cookies or fudge recipe with all the ingredients and their amounts to be engraved on their grave. Some of these engravings also dwell upon their frustrations and failings during the time they had lived.

In general, all these are messages that evoke a feeling through funny and witty words and phrases.

Let’s have a look at some of these

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