These Glaring Differences Between Men And Women Prove That They Are From Different Planets


Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and that begets a hell lot of difference between the two. The two think and act in so different ways that at times men and women fail to grasp each others’ actions and words. Here is a chronic of sorts about various differences between men and women.

1. Getting into a relationship

A girl would just love for her friend to get into a relationship, but a man would just smirk away from his friend when he comes to know that he is into a relationship.

2. Computer desktop

While men’s computer desktop is mostly clean and uncluttered, a woman’s desktop would mostly be cluttered with stuff like different messenger apps, images and all.

3. Refrigerator

While a woman would always have and organise various provisions in the refrigerator, a man would not care to organise or buy new stuff until the fridge looks near empty!

4. Bedroom

Perhaps this is the place where the difference between men and women is the most contrasting one. While a woman’s bedroom is neatly organised, a man’s bedroom would mostly be cluttered.

5. Car

While men like to keep the interior of their car in prime condition, women would always find places to park their girlie stuff.

6. Bathroom

Women like to spend hours in the bathroom using scrubs, lotions, toners and all. Men, on the other hand, would rather hurry up with  a combination of soap, shampoo and shower gel.

7. Main room

While the main room in the house would be neatly used by women for keeping all her clothes and fashion accessories, men would find tools, engineering staff and things to repair to heap there.

8. Catching a cold

If women catch a cold they would rather try to get over it by preparing remedies. Men would rather take to the bed and be happy skipping work.

9. Watching Titanic

Women watch Titanic mostly for the iconic love story. However, men would watch the movie for the sinking sequence.

10. Telling a story

While telling a story women would often branch out to trivial stuff while men usually keep it straight and sensible.


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