These “High School Me Vs Adult Me” Tweets Are Hilarous Yet Accurate.


How many of you have actually wondered that your parents were right about everything when you thought that your life is not gonna be anything like them. Believe it or not when adulthood strikes you real and hard you begin to wonder how did your parents even tolerate you when you were in High School? Because now even you can’t tolerate the sight of teenagers partying and being loud. Oh well, if you too are wondering what happened to the High School you, these High School Vs Me tweets will help you find out!

Hilarious “High School Vs Me” Tweets will actually show you the reality of adulthood.

1. Adulthood is realizing that you’re officially broke and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. And on top of that, even your parents start guilt-tripping you!
High school vs me

2. Seriously, the lesser the better, I am so thankful that I only have a handful of people to talk to now and not a huge group of friends!
High school vs me
3. Honestly, this was an eye-opener for me, I used to literally hate drinking coffee in High School, and now I can’t even imagine surviving without it!
High school vs me
4. You no longer care about smoking weed as much as you care about your blood pressure meds!
High school vs me
5. Bikes are no longer the comfortable ride and forget about bikes completely if you’re married. How the times have changed, except the leather that gets worn out!

6. How about you forget both at the same time, so to be sure, I make sure everything’s written down somewhere because adult me sucks at remembering passwords!

7. And here comes the regret that we thought we’d never had to face, I wish there was something I could do about not studying in high school!

8. I can definitely relate to this, at least some things never change no matter how many years have passed!

9. This is so relatable, why does every noise seem to annoy me? And the lights as well!

10. You’ll realize you’re an adult if coming back home excites you more than going to a party.

11. Ah, the never ending struggle!


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