These Hilariously Dark Comics Are Not For The Faint Hearts


What it is in creative artists that makes them so different from the rest of us? Is it their dark humor? Their unfiltered attitude? Unapologetic mind? Provoking thoughts? – We believe the list is endless! Creative people are obviously more intellectual and introspective. They are well aware of their surroundings and carry a loud mind that keeps on fluttering until they express themselves. But it surely takes some major talent to put a mere perspective into pen and paper.

Modern day artists are differently wired. With technology aiding them in their artwork, an artist’s mind is not restricted to just stories and poems. We live in a world of memes and viral images now – art is no longer just about depicting the colours and beauty of nature. Art has grown and it has also become dark. 

Artists these days are using graphic illustrations and comic strips art to showcase their artwork. These artworks though are not limited to just funny sketches anymore. Artists are now using art as a weapon to give colors to their provoking thoughts. Gone are the days when comic strips were just used to show funny toons. More and more illustrators are using comics to address social issues and dogmas, but of course with a side touch of dark humor.

One such rebellious comic artist is The RedDot. The RedDot’s work is not only unapologetically true, but it is also even sometimes borderline shameless. With an attitude of ‘finessing the inappropriate’, the RedDot’s work covers all kinds of challenges and let downs one faces in a modern day society.

Though there are a lot of comic artists out there, the RedDot’s work stands out for its unapologetic tone and straight to the pointed satire. With over 154K followers on Instagram, the RedDot’s work is garnering more and more popularity these days.

Below are some of our most favourite picks from her vast directory of crude comics.













Image Credits: The RedDot


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