These Illustrations Of Innocent Human Face Merged With Animals Show That Art Knows No Inhibitions


Art has evolved from rock paintings and cave inscriptions to its most modern form where artists also experiment by merging innocent human face with animals. These drawings and paintings express various feelings depending on the animal face and the human face. The pictures do show that artists can get over various humane and social inhibitions and give rise to pieces that can open a completely new dimension in art and painting.

Indeed, there are many paintings where artists have experimented with various animals on various types of human face. These paintings have been done mostly to depict the human character. So, the painting where the face of a man is merged with that of a Wolfe, the idea is to convey the sometimes cunning nature of human beings. In fact, there are many paintings which show one side of the face as that of a man and the other side of the face as a woman.

If the animal is other than an Wolfe such as a lion, the depiction of a face of lion and a man would have meant a lionhearted man who can dare to anything.

Merging human face with animal face is not limited to men. Even women faces have been merged with animals to depict some womanly characters. The painting of the beauty and the beast is one of the most famous ones. This painting comes up with half the face of a beautiful woman and half the face of a beast. It tries to divulge the lurking beast in few beautiful women.

Some of these paintings by Turkish Artist Aykut Aydoğdu have been done so meticulously that they seem to be photographs of real beings. His unique style of digital painting has inspired many others to experiment with their art forms. The painting of a woman juxtaposed with half a face of leopard seems to perfect that it does not seem like a painting. There are more such paintings that show that art and artist can shake off all inhibitions and come up with stunning paintings.

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