These Illustrations Of Pop Culture Characters On Walls And Sidewalks Blend Beautifully


Bringing street art to life

When it comes to wall art aka street art, there are normally two unique suppositions. One says that we can scarcely call it ‘workmanship’ and that it’s crushing the design in urban communities. While the different considers it art that not only colors the grayness of the concrete walls, but also gives more soul to old buildings. But, it is difficult to contend about crafted by one artist who is most popular by the name EFIX since they really help to ‘reestablish’ the city into a paradise.

Here are some of the illustrations by EFIX

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30-year-old Barcelona-based artist EFIX isn’t just any artist, yet in addition a graphic designer and musician. He utilizes his craft to ‘fix’ the revolting cityscape. For example, splits into solid dividers, broken channels, and so forth. His apparatuses are his entertaining kids’ shows and delineations of mainstream society characters who splendidly mix into dividers and walkways, associating with their environmental factors in a totally characteristic manner and making avenues look progressively alive.


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The artist says, “I work a lot with Disney and Simpsons characters in general because they have already lived all the lives that any human being can have, so usually, when I see a shape that I like in the street, I take a picture of it and then I look at the photo every day to find an idea. Once I have the idea… I try to move it to the world of cartoons so that it touches my viewer even more easily. I started street art because I come from a big art school where you have the designers who end up in Pixar’s studios, for example. But I preferred to be interested in music, personally.”

He further adds,

“Since leaving this school, I’ve had a very strong relationship with the street, where my job at the start was to record street artists and to mix my influences with theirs. I was very quickly influenced by the street because during the day, I recorded them with my microphones and at night, I composed them. It leaves you with this feeling that the world belongs to you and you can then rediscover the world as you see it, says EFIX. I just want to say that no matter who we are, we have to believe in ourselves because nobody will do it for us. And if you have some crazy ideas, follow your ideas to the end. The world needs creativity, that’s what feeds it!”


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