These Illustrations On Daily Life Situations Are Relatable As Hell


Comics are the modern day art weapons that address the dogmas of the society we live in. While some artists’ work are hilarious, some of the illustrators are downright crude with their artwork. Nonetheless, most of the webcomics we have over the Internet now are funny, relatable and are engaging enough to garner attention. Comic reading is a growing hobby among millennials which is probably the reason why comic artists find a corner for their artwork so easily on the Internet. Some of these artists also grow to become social media influencers because of their creative minds.

A Singapore based comic artist, Rando is going viral on the Internet for his random as hell comics. These comics are inspired by the illustrator’s day to day life events and are a hit among web surfers because of its relatability. Rando’s work has garnered him worldwide recognition and he has followers and fans from all over the world. He has a knack for depicting socially awkward situations with great accuracy that readers enjoy and feel linked to.

On his website, Rando writes, “I used to call myself ‘Random Wisdom’, but that was long ago when I made comics in private for my friends. After they convinced me to share my comics and realizing how crummy the old ones were, I decided to restart ‘Random Wisdom’ and renamed it ‘RandoWis’.”

Rando’s comic characters are based on real people and he gathers his inspiration from daily life and situations that one faces in general – probably the reason why they are so relatable. From friendship to dating, there’s nothing off the table for this artist.

The author shares his work on his social media handles and website where he has a vast following and gets appreciated for his accurate depiction of a situation.

Do checkout some of his relatable as hell artworks below.













Image Credits: Randowis


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