These Innovative Measures People Have Come Up With To Save Planet Earth Will Melt Your Heart


Earth is the wonderful gift of this Universe to all living beings. Its balanced ecosystem is really not less than any surprise to us. Days and nights, air and water, plant and animals everything seems to wonder when you start thinking about its creation. But we humans are really crude to this nature. Today’s misbalanced ecosystem is due to our unethical actions towards nature. Day by day the condition of earth is worse which if continued, may affect the whole living population as well. Below are some of the ideas on how we can save this planet.

Saving Water

Pure water is not only necessary to drink but is a requisite for survival of all living beings. With the misuse of water, the amount of acid in the water is increasing day by day. See this water saving toilet design – it re-uses the water used for hand washing for flushing.

Planting trees

Reusable sanitary napkins

These reusable pads are washable and can be used for 3-5 years.

Using biodegradable carries

© Justin Murray

Using biodegradable products in place of polythene and glass can be more eco-friendly.

Biodegradable gasbags

Establishing air purifiers

Air purifiers, purify the air in the open sky. It’s important now and in the future to get pure oxygen.

Biodegradable 6-pack beer cans ring

© e6pr
Saltwater brewery in Florida uses barley and wheat slacks to make the six pack ring and reduce plastic waste.

Cold drink bottle caps

© FitzRoy

Fitzroy recycles coca-cola labels and makes caps for their rum bottles from it.

2020 Olympic medals

© motherofcats / Reddit   © russiahockey / twitter

These Olympic medals are going to be made from electronic wastes.

A second chance for rejected goods

© DanChurchAid ‏/ twitter
Wefood restores damaged goods and stuffs who either get rejected because of packaging or are reaching expiration soon and sells them at 50% discount


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