These Life Hacks Are Simple And May Save Your Life One Day!


Danger comes announced, you never know what might happen next minute. But, if you’re alert enough you can surely take precautions or know what to right in the spur of the moment. So, knowing these few simple life hacks may prove to save your life one day!

One should definitely know these simple life hacks to escape danger!

1. What to do when you’re trapped inside a sinking car?


One mistake that the majority of the people tend to do is try to open the door. But, please don’t waste your time doing something that’ll be of no help. Rather roll down your car windows, but firstly unbuckle your seat belt. If the window is jammed try breaking it.

2. What to do when someone is following you?


What we usually do is lower our heads and increase our pace. But, don’t do that, slow down and raise your head and try to see the danger with your peripheral vision. Most importantly, be confident.

3. What should one do after boarding an airplane?


After settling down in your seats count the number of rows to the emergency exist. You never know when you might have to use them. And therefore it is important that you know how far from the emergency exit you’re situated.

4. Try to observe people and their behavior.


One can always sense the vibe a person gives out by observing their behaviour. All you need to do is keep your senses alert and try to find out the bad guy.

5. At least try and locate three exit points.


Whenever you’re at a concert or a shopping malls, make sure you know at least three exit points. This will not only save your time during an emergency but will also help you find your way out faster.

6. Always be sure to keep these three things handy.


Money, keys and a charged phone. These three things are really necessary while heading out anywhere. Don’t forget these things as these may really help you out when in need.

7. Do not inflate your life jacket while still inside the airplane.

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Panic makes people do stupid things. In case your airplane needs to make a water landing do not inflate your life jacket inside the plane. Get out of the plane and then pull the cord.

8. Learn the Heimlich Maneuver.

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This is not that simple but if learnt it can save someone’s life from choking. The steps to performing the maneuver can be found in this link: Steps to perform Heimlich Maneuver.

9. What should you do if your cooking catches fire?

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Well, firstly turn of the gas. Then cover the flames with a lid cutting the oxygen supply. It will prevent a major accident.

10. Never remove a sharp object from the wound.

One of the most important life hacks is to know what not to do. Like in a case of a wound caused by a sharp object. Do not try to remove the object as it will only result into huge blood loss and death.

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