These Models Look So Gorgeous You Will Go Crazy Over Them


Beauty holds different definitions for different people. However, one thing is for sure anything beautiful has to be used in its own way. So are these girls. They have unique features which make them stand out of the lot. They are so gorgeous that you cannot stop yourself from looking at them twice.

1. Anok Yai

These models are so gorgeous

Her photo clicked at a festival went viral on the internet and this 19-year-old Anok Yai became a model, making a mark in the modelling industry.

2. Nyané Lebajoa

These models are so gorgeous

Along with the designer she is an Instagram celebrity who has more than 800k followers. What makes it so different is her love for experimentation with fashion.

3. Katarzyna Jujeczka

These models are so gorgeous

Her long face and lean features are what made her recognised by the modelling scouts while she was riding a train. She is from Poland and at this young age, she has already been part of fashion shows by Prada, Calvin Klein and Christian Dior.

4. Unia Pakhomova

These models are so gorgeous

She wanted to make a revolution in the fashion industry as her elfin looks were not considered appropriate in the beginning. Now she has walked for Gucci, Alexander Wang, etc.

5. Kseniya Rain

These models are so gorgeous

Apart from being a successful model, she is also an artist who paints portraits. The aesthetic factor in her pictures, as well as her paintings, have gained her hundreds of followers.

6. Maria Oz

These models are so gorgeous

Her big, protruding eyes has attracted many attentions. She goes by the online nickname, ‘Spiritual Face.’

7. Willow Hand

These models are so gorgeous

She is gorgeous with a doll-like a face which has helped her secure many modelling contracts with Prada, Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana, etc.

8. Marjan Jonkman

These models are so gorgeous

She is considered the most successful Dutch model until now. She is known to be Saint Laurent’s newest inspiration.

9. Meghan Collison

These models are so gorgeous

She definitely does not fit within the parameters of beauty. But she has her own unique style which makes her so admired by the fashion elites, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, etc.

10. Tsunaina

These models are so gorgeous

She first appeared in the opening of this year’s London Fashion Week and everyone had their eyes on her. Tsunaina is from Tibet.

11. Ellia Sophia

These models are so gorgeous

Remarked by Vogue as this year’s best catwalk discovery, Ellia with her gorgeous beauty has left no head unturned.


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