These Poignant Illustrations Will Show You The Harsh Reality Of Today’s World!


This modern world has given us many facilities that surely has made our lives really easy. But, is this modernization without any ill effects? Well, this modern world comes with a price. But, do you know what the price is? Have a look at these poignant illustrations that reveal the truth of today’s world.

The reality of today’s world is very harsh and these poignant illustrations reveal that.

1. I’m sure you’ve seen this picture circulating on the internet many a time. But, the pain behind this installation leaves a deeper impact. This dead whale installation by the Green Peace society shows the impact of plastic on the world.

2. Love surfing? How would you feel if water was replaced by plastic? It’s high time we begin to seriously think about our world.

3. This is a non-violence statue in front of UN Headquarters. This was installed as a tribute to John Lennon after he was brutally shot.

4. HA Schult a German artist created these human-sized sculptures out of e-waste and thrown away metals.

5. Looks so painful, doesn’t it? This illustration was installed to show the truth about the scarcity of food in Africa.

6. This installation shows how much clothing, 10.5 million tonnes to be exact are wasted every year.

7. These red shoes are in protest of the violence against women in Israel.

8. This 7ft tall gum head structure was installed to encourage people to stick their chewing gum on it instead of throwing it on the streets.
poignant illustrations
9. The dolphin statue was installed in Vancouver to show how Pollution is affecting these creatures.

10. This Giant Fish installation is in the Botafogo Beach in Rio de Janeiro is mad entirely out of plastic bottles.
poignant illustrations
11. This is what’s at stake if we don’t stop the plastic pollution. It was made by the Greenpeace workers and is installed in Rome.
poignant illustrations
12. This plastic throwing dragon was installed in Brussels to put an end to disposable plastics.
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