These Seductive Features In A Man Attracts The Females Almost Instantly!


There are always certain features that stand out in a person. The features that attract others towards us. But how we know what are the features that the other person is really looking for in his or her partner. Well, women are attracted to men who have these seductive features. Read ahead and find out if you have these features or not!

Women look for and are attracted to men who have these seductive features!

1. Thick eyebrows.


Women really find the features related to eyes appealing. The eyebrows add to the expressiveness in a man’s face given that they aren’t ridiculously joined above the nose.

2. Stubble.

14 Seductive Features of Men That Are Immediately Noticed by Womenvia

The clean-shaven look is what every woman desires, but at a pricky stubble too adds more sensuality to his face.

3. Full lips.


Lips are definitely one of the most important features, and those who have fuller lips look more attractive than the ones who have thin lips.

4. Jawline.


A prominent jawline is undeniably hot looking. Men who have a prominent jawline are seen as more strong and confident by the women and are attracted towards them.

5. Veins.

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This has to be one of the most common weaknesses of women, they really like veins. Veins are a symbol of strength and stamina since they only appear after really hard work.

6. Toned Stomach.

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Women don’t need a stomach with six-pack abs on them. All they need is to see whether you have a flat stomach or not, this proves that you pay attention to your body and don’t have any unhealthy habits.

7. A trail of hair on the stomach.

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I don’t know what gives men the impression that women don’t like body hair on men. Well, some of us like to see a trail of body hair extending up to the stomach.

8. Scent.

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Men and women both have their unique body scents (not the body odor) which other person finds really attractive. In fact, a good men’s perfume definitely attracts a woman’s attention.

9. Glasses.

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Really, no logical explanation for this. But men wearing glasses is a lot more attractive. They may look like a nerd, but a really hot nerd for that matter!

10. Cooking skills.

My man, if you know how to cook, you don’t need to be dependent on your looks. Women love seeing men in the kitchen breaking the stereotypes and that is why men who know how to cook are always at an advantage in finding girlfriends than the ones who don’t know.

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