These Shocking Differences Between The Game Of Thrones Series And The Books!


Our favorite series came to an end with the season finale of Game Of Thrones season 8. But, not the way we were expecting it to be, the last season has disappointed viewers all over the globe and we are devasted that the creators thought that this was the ending the series deserved. Well, at least we have the books, but did you know that the Game Of Thrones series and the Books have some shocking differences between them?

Here are some significant and mindblowing differences between the Game Of Thrones series and the books!

1. Little Finger isn’t as tall as he is shown.

Where do you think the name for Petyr Baelish as Little Finger comes from? He is supposed to be short and shy according to the book.
differences2. All Stark kids are Wargs.

It isn’t just Bran the broken who is a warg, according to the book all the six Stark children are wargs and are capable of dreaming the future and controlling animals. They could easily see through the animals’ eyes and spy on their enemies.
differences3. Stannis Baratheon doesn’t burn his daughter alive.

According to the book, Stannis hasn’t yet met the Red Woman and so burning his daughter alive following the Red Woman’s instruction is out of the question.
differences4. Rob Stark’s wife escapes the Red Wedding alive.

Rob Stark’s wife isn’t Talisa as shown in the series, according to the book her name is Jeyne Westerling a woman from Westeros who never attended the red wedding. Nor was she pregnant.
differences5. Khal Drogo doesn’t assault his wife on their wedding night.

The creators really love violent lovemaking scenes I suppose. But, this isn’t what’s in the book, the consummation of their wedding was a mutual decision and not a forced one.
differences6. There are no fireplaces in Winterfell.

According to the book, Winterfell is built with houses having geothermal sources. Their hot water keeps the Castle warm and is aplenty with greenhouses to feed the Northerners during the long winter.
differences7. Daenerys was married not once but twice.

Daenerys married Khal Drogo and Hizdahr Zo Loraq of Meeren, but in the show, Loraq only remains her fiance as he dies trying to save Daenerys from the Sons of Harpy.

8. Catelyn Stark comes back to life.

In the show, we see that Catelyn too is killed in the Red Wedding, but according to the books, Catelyn Stark is brought back to life by the Lord of Light. She comes back as Lady Stoneheart who only wants to avenge her dead family and knows no mercy.
9. Ramsay Bolton doesn’t torture Sansa.

We were absolutely shocked by the treatment Sansa received by Ramsay in the show. But one of the striking differences is that she was never married to Ramsay. He tortured Sansa’s childhood friend who resembled Arya.
10. Tyrion Lannister might be a Targaryen.

I guess the fans were trying to find a connection between Tyrion and the Targaryens. Well, according to the books Tyrion doesn’t resemble Cersei and Jamie in his appearance but he looks more like Dany.
11. Missandei is 10 years old.

As much as we loved the chemistry between Missandei and Grey worm, it wasn’t possible in the books because Missandei is just ten years old.
12. Dragons are invincible.

According to the books, the Dragons are invincible and the most powerful weapons in existence, similar to the nuclear bomb. But, in the show, we just Viseryon dying at the hand of the Night King, and Rhaegal at Euron Greyjoy’s hand with his crossbow.

13. Jon Snow isn’t Aegon Targaryen.

Yep, you read that right, Jon Snow isn’t Aegon Targaryen according to the books. Aegon is living under the name of Young Griff. But, you never know he just might be an imposter!

14. There is no Night King.

Other shocking differences are the white walkers don’t have a Night King. Even if there was a leader he was killed by the Starks, much before the actual events took place. But, we all know how the show made its major part of the plot surrounding the Night King.


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