These Signs Can Help You Catch Your Cheating Partner


Intuition is something one should never ignore. If you ever had to ask yourself whether your partner is being unfaithful to you, chances are, they might be. Infidelity is one of the growing problems among millennials who jump into a relationship way too quickly. Turning a blind eye when you are in love is common as the base of any relationship starts with trust you have in each other. But ignoring the red flags can make your partner more confident with his or her cheating skills.

Know that cheating is not a mistake, you don’t just ‘accidentally’ fall on some one’s bed. People cheat because they want to and they think their partners won’t come to know about it. Of course, all people are differently wired, but there are still signs and behavioral changes that one shouldn’t ignore when they are already at a hunch.

The signs of infidelity are not set, they vary in different relationships but they all tread on a common path. You also need to be a hundred percent certain before confronting your significant other. Below are some of the most glaring signs of cheating that you can look out for if you have doubts about your partner’s faithfulness.

Look if your partner is suddenly showing:

• Behavioral changes
• Conscious actions
• Odd reasonings

Changes in intimacy

• Your partner is less interested in getting intimate or avoids it altogether
• He or she hesitates from changing clothes if front of you

Changes in habit

• Your spouse suddenly avoids communication
• Or he or she is over attentive and guarded
• Your spouse avoids expressing their feelings of love

Changes in attitude

• Your spouse starts showing signs of being guilty
• Or of low self-esteem
• Your spouse has a negative reaction about everything
• And they are more critical to you


• Your spouse starts canceling your plans in abundance
• They start lying about being busy
• They avoid PDA and going out together with you
• They avoid family gatherings


• Your spouse is altogether indifferent towards you and what you do
• They are not interested in your children’s life
• They don’t show jealousy
• They are indifferent towards family matters


• Your spouse’s credit card statements don’t match your family’s monthly spendings
• Your spouse avoids using shared cards
• He or she suddenly starts spending more but you don’t know where


• Your spouse doesn’t use shared devices anymore
• He or she always clears browsing history
• The private message boxes on social media channels are always swiped clean
• They always keep their devices locked or changed the password to their devices and avoid sharing it with you

Be aware that a red flag in a relationship might be a general behavior in other, so always trust your gut first.


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