These Tattoo Fails Are So Bad That You Will Ditch The Idea Of Getting Inked All Together


Tattoos are the result of passionate thinking of the wearer and skill and hard work of the tattoo artist. When the two meet, it creates some great tattoos that people just love to wear and the beholders appreciate.

Whether it is a traditional tattoo, a tribal tattoo, a new school tattoo or a neo traditional tattoo it must be done in the right spirit and place. So, how does it look when a tattoo fails? Things may get awry during tattooing and tattoos may take shapes that neither the wearer nor the artist had desired. At times it can really get hilarious.

Like, if you are a mom or a dad and you love to sport a tattoo of your baby, the artist has to get your baby’s face right and it has to be done in the right place, otherwise it may just turn out to be a disappointment for you and a hilarious stuff for others, right?

While tattoos themselves may be good, spelling and grammar of the message may become the laughing stock. Then there are tattooed messages that don’t make any sense. Incomprehensible words and meanings and prosaic expressions don’t just make drab tattoos they make the wearer a laughing stock.

There are also some tattoos which go awry and turn out to be something other than that which was intended to do. Like, a lady trying out a star studded chest with a night sky tattoo comes out with something that resembles more a skin condition than anything else – That is a tattoo gone really awry.

The most common factors for such ridiculous tattoos are dumb artistic sense, lack of skill of the artist and wrong choice of place to do the tattoo. Moreover, it mostly occurs while trying to copy a tattoo from another person.

The tragic part with these tattoos is that most of the proud owners of these seemingly loving tattoos want to get them removed. The reason is simple. People get tattoos to sport them proudly. When such loving and endearing stuff become a laughing stock, people no more want them to sport.

Keeping the downside of tattoo fail aside, let’s have a laugh together at some of these hilarious tattoos!

Image Credits: r/FacePalm


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