These Things May Seem Ordinary But Can Get You Arrested In Foreign Countries!


We do so many things in a day that we don’t even keep count of, I mean that is only normal. Well, have you ever wondered how many laws you might be breaking right at this instant if you were in a foreign country? These things though really ordinary when given a thought about are enough to get you arrested in foreign countries.

Do not if dare to do these things in foreign countries or you might get arrested!

1. Collecting Sea Shells in Thailand.


Everybody loves collecting sea shells while they’re at the beach. But, please do not do this in Thailand. Not only would you be fined, but you will have to face a prison sentence of a year.

2. Do not swear at a public place in Australia.

12 Ordinary Things That Can Get You Arrested in a Foreign Countryvia

People often tend to lose their calm in a heated argument and start swearing at others. Well, control your emotions at least when you’re at a public place because this may lead to 6 months imprisonment.

3. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network in Singapore.

12 Ordinary Things That Can Get You Arrested in a Foreign Countryvia

Who wouldn’t want to use free Wi-Fi service. Well, this isn’t acceptable in Singapore, if you connect to an open Wi-Fi without notifying it’s owner, you may end up in jail!

4. Walking without ID in Japan.

Though one should always carry their ID at a foreign country, but please don’t dare to keep your ID back at the hotel in Japan. The police are very strict about this particular thing and you’ll ultimately be imprisoned for 23 days.

5. No poppy cakes when flying to the UAE.


UAE has very strict laws about being under the influence of drugs or hallucinogenic substances. And the airport security is also strictly monitored and foreigners are closely examined. If you’re found to have eaten poppy cakes you will have to face prison sentence.

6. Dabbing in Saudi Arabia.


Okay, that’s a bit unfair. But rules are rules, so in Saudi Arabia you can’t really dab in public, or anywhere at all. They consider this as a remainder of using illicit drugs for some reason and is prohibited.

7. Spitting in the US.


Nobody should be doing that anyway! But there are people who really like to spit here and there and hence the country has made it punishable by offence.

8. Jay Walking in America.


Jay walking or the act of crossing the road when the traffic lights don’t say you can get you arrested under a heavy fine.

9. Eating at a public place during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia known for its strict rules in the country has prohibited eating at a public place during Ramadan, you will be facing a serious sentence if you’re found to do so.

10. Frowning in Milan, Italy.


Seems a bit too much, but okay. So, you can never seem “not happy” when in Milan or anywhere in Italy. They consider it rude not to smile when outside and hence they have a law which is punishable by a fine.

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