These Vintage Comics Marred With True Shades Of Modern Love Will Make You Realize How Shallow Today’s Era Is


By most standards love in modern times is quirky, shallow, fleeting and disappointing. Truly, dating in modern times lacks commitment like yesteryears. Personal likes and dislikes prevail over conjugal goals unlike the times of our forefathers when conjugal goals use to be reign supreme. In fact, people used to forego personal likes and dislikes in search of a common goal and happy life.

Like everything else, these two contrasting contours of love can be depicted through comical characters and dialogues. This is what Peter Nidzgorski has done. He has depicted this stark contrast through vintage comics laced with satirical dialogues that take aim at the self-obsessed culture that prevails over the grain of relationships in modern times. Disappointment about modern love is writ large on every bite that he has taken. This has indeed resulted in a funny, yet artistic and thought-provoking collection of comical bites. So what are the traits of modern love that the artist takes aim at? There are many.

Modern love is all about physicality and intimacy. In fact, women get laid pretty easily these days and men get bored of getting physical with a woman pretty fast. This reduces the bond that is essential for a relationship to build up. The artist has depicted this character trait through some very satirical lines inserted on vintage comics.

Indeed, there are people who cringe at the word “relationship”. For them dating is for having a hookup and then leaving the partner for another. Building relationship is neither their aim nor their forte.

Dating in modern times is about collecting information about the partner until he or she finds that the partner is not suitable for him or her any more. 

Two souls don’t fall in love like our forefathers now. They just like each other and want each others’ company for hanging around. The sad reality is, building a relationship is not people’s  goal these days.

Do check out these comics below.


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