These Young Ladies Definitely Have A Lot Of Questions About The Universe!


Let’s be honest, ladies don’t really play by the rules of the universe. I mean, do we actually need to? Who sets these rules, we have got our own unique game going, whose rules are subjected to change any time we want them to. But, there are a lot of things that the young ladies want the answers to from the universe, just kidding, we’ll just make up something on our own.

If you still have a doubt on girls having the superpower to question the universe itself, you should have a look at these young ladies.

1. If you’re wondering her abilities of parking, all I can say is she’s a blonde. And you can figure out the rest for yourself.young ladies

2. Girls, Oh girls, they’ll go to any lengths to get the perfect lighting for their selfies. I mean, just look at these two!
young ladies
3. I’m definitely sure that this is available on the menu, so what did she do to get this “snack” inside?
young ladies
4. That is how your mum stops you from leaving the dinner table without finishing your vegetables, and you definitely got to obey her command.
young ladies
5. Images that appear on the recipe book may not always match with the real results. But, hey! at least you tried to do it, full points for trying!
young ladies
6. That happens 9 out of 10 times that you show your hairdresser something, and you end up with something totally different. I wish they really didn’t do this!young ladies
7. Nope, she isn’t an alien, she being extremely cautious about her health I guess.

8. Only ladies know the struggle of getting rid of waterproof makeup. That takes some serious dedication and sweat to apply and even more efforts to get it off.

9. And that my friends is proof of why we should let the other person finish their sentence before we end up looking like a complete idiot!

10. I hate it when it happens, but honestly, why don’t they deliver the proper size? Cheaters!

11. This man arrived hungover for his wife’s maternity shoot. Looks like trouble afterward for you my friend.

12. Looks like the snake dropped by to say hello. No shower today for you it seems.


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