Things All Women Do But None Of Them Will Admit It Publicly


There are things that women do like to conceal from the public such as their age. There are things that women do like to keep secret such as their age. However, there are things that they do but don’t admit to doing publicly. Indeed, they fear that doing so may destroy their girlie aura. Indeed, there are many such things. Let us go through some of these.

1. Keeping the bra clean

It is not a secret anymore; hardly do ladies wash their bra regularly. Ask a woman, and her silence would tell you the story.

2. Following tampon instructions

Hardly do women follow tampon instructions regularly. While tampons must be changed at least every six hours, many women endure them for longer than that.

3. Using toilet paper in emergency

Can a women say that she has never used the toilet paper in place of tampon or sanitary pad in an emergency?

4. Not shaving legs

When it is too cold outside, most women abstain from shaving their legs. They just put it off for the weather to get warmer.

5. Peeing in shower

This, in fact, is common though no woman would accept that she has peed during shower sometimes or the other.

6. Nose picking

No, it is not just a man’s habit; women also engage in nose-picking, but they don’t admit to doing this.

7. Dirty nails

Dirty nails in women are not a secret. Take a close look and you can find dirty nails with bright nail polish.

8. Sneezing during periods

This is very common, but women won’t admit. Indeed, sneezing during periods gives rise to a wanky feeling that very few women like to admit.

9. Washing hair

Yes, women can go days without washing their hair. Ask a woman and she may well pretend like she washes her hair regularly.

10. Smelling clothes


This in fact is not just a girlie thing; men too do this. However, it is least expected of women and they rarely admit to smelling clothes to decide to wear them or not.



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