Few Things That Happen In Colleges…. But In The Reel Ones Only!


Yeah, you read the title right. There are uncountable myths about college life that these movies and college drama shows have forced us to believe in. While they show college to be nothing less than an amusement park, here is the reality check about how different it actually is!

Few Things That Happen In Colleges are here:

1) Students can be seen at every corner of the college….. except classes!

Just in case those directors forgot, we should remind them that the ‘minimum 75% attendance is necessary’ clause is not as useless as a fifth wheel. We really wonder if running across the corridors and having never-ending chit-chat sessions in the canteen is all what college means to them. We don’t expect them to bore us by showing a lecture on Paleobiology but at least show the actors attending classes once in a while………..for the sake of realism!

things happen in Colleges

2) The Dean knows everything going on in the protagonist’s friend circle!

So, those movies and romcoms present dean as the one who has a lot of say in the ups and downs of the actors’ lives and they keep having personal meetings with him in his office. In reality, the Dean is a busy-bee who has a whole university to run and he hardly knows even a fraction of students by their names. Moreover, a personal meeting in the Dean’s office is a thing that’d probably happen once in a blue moon and would definitely send students chills down the spine!

things happen in Colleges


3) The college is less about getting a degree and more about going on dates!

Dates do happen! But they’re not the only things students are concerned about. While some end up having a new girlfriend/boyfriend every new year, few may even hold on to just one till their last semester. But that doesn’t mean love is the only topic to roam in their minds 24/7. We have a syllabus as vast as The Pacific Ocean and as complicated as Sudoku…… and we do need to focus on that anyhow!

things happen in Colleges


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