Few Things That Happen In Colleges…. But In The Reel Ones Only!


4) No professor sets you up with your crush for college projects!

It only happens behind the screens that you’re paired up with your crush for a college project that involves a lot of compatibility tests and issues….. and give you like a million moments to get closer. In reality, those assignments and practical files are the only things needed to be completed in order to manage some good grades.

things happen in Colleges

5) You and your roommate are not always going to be ‘sisters from different mothers’! *sigh*

Getting a nice roomie is like a getting rain in the desert! And it’s not just one roommate you’ve to get stuck with for your entire college life. You may even get a new one every new year. So, they’re basically creatures you’re going to live with for a particular time span. Also, your previous roommates may even become nobody to you later……… yup! True Story.

things happen in Colleges

6) College is not all about the rivalry between the nerds and the bombshells!

Because students have to lot of things to focus on other than having a rat race between the so-called superiors and so-called inferiors of the college who later turn out to the best friends forever!

things happen in Colleges


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