These Are The Things That Makes A Girl Happy, And They Aren’t Diamonds!


Girls go by a very bad rep that they want materials. But little does anyone know about what actually makes a girl happy. Boys often think that giving girls chocolates, flowers, diamond rings will make them super happy. But they are really really wrong, you want to know what really makes us happy? Keep reading!

Here are 15 things that makes a girl happy and you’ll be happy to know they aren’t diamonds!

1. Compliment Your Girl.

Girls, no matter what age they are, love compliments. So, when you feel like your girl’s looking good, don’t just keep it to yourself. Even if the compliments are really small like, you smell good, or I like the way you did your hair.

things that makes a girl happy


2. Give her your time.

Girls really want one thing, that is your time. But you boys often fail to fulfill this one need of ours. Make out time for her no matter how busy is your schedule and trust me she’ll be the happiest.

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3. Pay her full attention when you’re together.

It really means a lot to us when we know that we have your full attention. It sort of makes us feel proud of ourselves and as well as you. If you keep on dividing your attention between her and something else, that’s a big red flag for relationship’s future.

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