9 Annoying Things You Wish Your Parents Would Stop Doing!


Parents undoubtedly form the best part of our lives.

However big the differences may be, we can never imagine a life without them. Completely understanding their love for us, what we children still maintain is our want for a little understanding. Indian parents, for instance, will never learn to understand their kids. Blame the generation gap? No. It is the communication gap. Though there are tons of things we should thank them for, there remain things they should stop doing right now.

1. Not compare.

There is always some Sharma’s son or Verma’s son with whom your deeds are compared. Especially the grades. When would parents understand that their kids are rather comfortable with bad grades that those uncalled for comparisons?

Your Parents Would Stop Doing

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2. Not make a scene every time.

The people whom the Indian TV shows have not failed to inspire are our parents. Given the traffic scenario of most of the cities in our country, how uncommon it is to reach home late from the class. But parents don’t get the point. They will have imagined worst of things you might have been doing. And hence, create a scene out of nowhere.

Your Parents Would Stop Doing

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