9 Annoying Things You Wish Your Parents Would Stop Doing!


7. Not decide for us every time.

Our careers are what we are going to live with, in the future. So why not let us decide for ourselves? How can our satisfaction not matter? Just because some relative’s chap is going for engineering, does everyone else too needs to?

Your Parents Would Stop Doing

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8. Not discuss us with the aunties.

Can our mothers for a change not discuss us with their friends and save us the embarrassment? Why do you have to tell that curly-haired fat lady what grades your son got and how you had made him go without his laptop for one whole day because he wasn’t studying well. But mums don’t care.

Your Parents Would Stop Doing

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9. Not lecture but talk.

Parents seldom talk. They usually lecture. Subject? Expectations. They expect you to tell them everything but will never listen to you. Remember those times when you were in an emotional mess and wanted to tell them. But the fear of getting rebuked gripped you and you did not. This is exactly why kids hide their thoughts from parents.

Your Parents Would Stop Doing

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But no matter what, we still love them!



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