Things People Do In TV Sitcoms That Are Weird In Real Life!!


TV Sitcoms or situational comedies are fictional shows that air on television, and since they’re fictional, they tend to be over the top, all-hunky-dory, show the world different from ours. Thence, sometimes we just find certain things on television very weird in real life.

So, here’s the list of things that are normal in TV sitcoms, but are weird in real life.

1. Having no extended friends

I mean, how is it possible, every sitcom ever has always had only a small group of friends, and no other extended friends apart from their small group. No matter how closely guarded and shy a person, he’s bound to have a lot of acquaintances, if not friends.

2. Never ringing the doorbell

I think everyone will agree, in all the sitcoms that have ever aired, there are scenes where the characters just enter their friend’s house without ringing the doorbell, or without having given any prior notice. I mean, it’s really cool to say that we’re besties, but hey, there is something called etiquette and code of conduct! Something, I will never comprehend why?!TV Sitcoms


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