Things That Look Like Nicolas Cage And The Resemblance Is Uncanny.


Nicolas Cage has been ruling our hearts with his diversifying acting skills, he looks absolutely brilliant in all his movies, and has a history of hits. But, it looks like, not only people but things have a huge crush on Nicolas as well. Is it a bit confusing? Well, read on and have a look at what I’m talking about!

These Things looks exactly like Nicolas Cage and we’re finding the resemblance really uncanny!

1. Apparently, the First Nation “White Man” looked exactly like Nicolas Cage and hence the mask. Which makes me question is he really a Sorcerer?

2. When you really want the old Nicolas back and so you decide to carve him out.
3. What is this obsession in making everything look like the National Treasure hero? This Art definitely looks like him.
4. Is it just me or does this clay kitty pot actually looks like dear old Cage.
5. His versatility knows no bounds, here, catch the play. Are you a baseball fan?
6. Honestly, I swear I’m not joking, all the faces in this painting look like Nic, I mean was the painter obsessed or something?

7. Oh boy, Nicolas is now apparently Emma, and she wears glasses?
8. Ah, here we go again, Nic hiding in a children’s Textbook, but why is he dressed up as a maiden?
Nicolas Cage9. Behold the most dashing and handsome Holderous Cage!
Nicolas Cage10. That’s it, I’m done, even this cat looks like him? How is this even possible?
Nicolas Cage
11. Seriously? This stand too? Jesus, it’s like everywhere you go you see him and only him. Good thing my ex doesn’t have such a face that I’d see everywhere I went.
Nicolas Cage12. Though he deserves to be the King, fine it’ll do too!
Nicolas Cage13. Hold up, is this really him? Oh, just another look-alike perhaps.
Nicolas Cage
14. Be blessed and praise St. Nicolas!


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