These Things You Learn From Unwanted Job Are Relatable


These Things You Learn From Unwanted Job Are Relatable

So switching from undergrad – school to work wasn’t as smooth as I thought….

When you graduate and finish your years of hard work, surviving late nights on fast food, endless mugs of coffee and why not a few bad alcohol and love life decisions,,,,,, life is supposed to treat you like a goddess.

You deserve a good job to fulfill almost all your basic requirements after all you did this neck breaking work for the professional you’ve become.

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I didn’t get a good job. It wasn’t even enough to fulfill my needs. When I look back from here I feel like my past work isn’t enough, but I just can’t sit on my couch and expect a good job to fall on my lap outta nowhere. I’ll have to go out and just do it – a rotating shift job from 11 a.m to 7 p.m all on a hard bone chair, my eyes bulging out staring endlessly at my computer screen… there seemed no end.

Sometimes I worked all night from 12:00 to 6:00, spending all the time which I could’ve spent with my boyfriend or friend. I actually never hated my job. It was just that doing a job I always said no! I would never do- made me feel like something was wrong with me.Was the hard work I did not enough..? or am I over-skilled and people are afraid of that.

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It’s been months since then.

My coworkers were initially nice to me. I was new. Everyone loved to poke all their advice in my head and I listened keenly because I wanted to do good too to earn few more bucks. But now that seemed far. No one is nice to me now , courtesy  – a misunderstanding with my boyfriend. I wondered what those people had to do with my personal junk, why were they getting so involved…. never-mind.

Though I spent day thinking if it is worthy to go to work and feel bad about myself.? I talked to people close to me and all of them told me -” Ignore them and do your work” and believe me this motto has helped a lot and gave me inner peace.

Doing the thing I never wanted to do and standing up against the people who loathe me and talk bad things on my back has made me realize that there is a bunch of people who are really nice to me and who stood all by me – my best friends, my family and my boyfriend. They’ve listened to me every time without complaining and thanks to them that the whole experience has been so much better than what I thought.

LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS WHAT WE EXPECT – is the most important thing I learned. It doesn’t matter where have you been, how many languages you excel, how many countries you visited or the result of that test that you worked your ass off for. Your internship and your college score never count. All that counts is accepting things and then slowly going on for more.

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The perfect job can be hard to find, but I believe that I am gonna get it one day and then I am going to show my true skills and what I am capable of or what is my worth. Till then I am just gonna go on and on and on, till I find what pleases my heart because giving up is never the solution. I’ve been through a lot in such a short period and now I can handle all the upcoming ones too.

I am going to keep on searching for the job that makes me smile at the end of the day and pays me enough money that  can spend with my family, friends and boyfriend, one where I feel respected and valued, the one holding on to which I can walk with confidence.

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