This Artist Has Created Unreal Illustrations Of A Look Inside Our Lives


Our life is peppered with events, ideas, unrealized desires, latent creativity, sadness, happiness and many more. A look inside our lives can come up with these and many. However, nothing works better than depicting all these moments, realities and events in oil painting on a big canvas. The canvas so painted can become the canvas of life of a person. The artist Cyril Rolando has come up with a slew of paintings illustrating various moments, events, desires and innate values of our life. He has uploaded all these illustrations in his Instagram page. However, there is a twist to these images. None of these are real illustrations of life. These are unreal illustrations arising out of the imaginative ability of a painter who can observe life through his color and brush. This has given rise to an array of paintings that has got his fans drooling. It has indeed left his followers in awe of his paintings and contributed to more and more people following him in Instagram.

Cyril Ronaldo is a French psychologist who is into digital drawing. His works revolve around the emotional aspect of human and colors of life. His depiction of a boy enjoying the silence with birds and clouds in the background is so surreal and yet so amazing. One of his best creations is one where he depicts a man dancing in chains. Indeed, it is a surreal depiction of human beings dancing to the slavery of work, relations and more. In fact, this piece of digital art upholds the saying by the great French Philosopher Rousseau and which goes like this – ‘man is born free, but he is everywhere in chains’.There is a depiction in which he shows a teller tree and people standing below it. This one so quintessentially upholds the innate desire of people to do nothing and earn money through something like a tree that grows money.

Let’s see some of his amazing work below

Image Credits: Cyril Rolando


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