This Artist Illustrates What It’s Like To Be Living With Your Boyfriend.


Relationships aren’t about being in love or being romantic all the time. It’s about how comfortable you are with each other. But, the people who get to live with their boyfriends are definitely one of the luckiest people on Earth. Why do I say this, because not only do you get to know that person better, you get to create memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime? So, one of the artists illustrates what it’s like to live with your boyfriend and people will relate to it!

Denmark based Illustrator Julie lives with her boyfriend and converts their day to day experiences into comics that are very much relatable.

This is the hilarious side of the relationship you get to experience when you live with your boyfriend!

1. It always is a hard decision to choose what should you draw about. Options can be confusing at times!

2. Marathon doesn’t necessarily mean the same to both of them Well, it happens!

3. Yep, you got to get ready for special occasions. In case there’s a chance of something special happening.

4. You don’t have to beat around the bush after a certain time. Romance can be direct as well.

5. Well, priorities. And push up bras can definitely work wonders.

6. Dreams usually make no sense. But, yet we feel like sharing it with our better halves first thing in the morning only to realize how dumb it sounds.

7. Adulthood has its own perks. You can have all the chips in the world you want.

8. Each of us is happy with our own reasons. But, yeah I definitely get you girl!

9. Panic mode on! But, the aftermath sucks for real. Especially after a long and tiring day.

10. Mad mad kitty at home. Ouch!

11. I know boys, for you this is probably the best feeling ever.

12. Um, nature can be a little kinky at times. Hey! they have their needs as well.

13. You know you’ve reached a different level in the relationship when you aren’t embarrassed to fart in front of them anymore.

14. Oh, God, I can totally relate to this. Cold hands 24*7 is probably not the best feeling.

15. Anddd sometimes, it sucks when you know that you’re really an adult.
16. I’d take a bullet for you and keep you covered at all times.
17. It feels like an eternity doesn’t it?
18. When somebody denies the universal facts.
19. Yep, happens to all of us.
20. From somebody who’s always ready for another slice. Yep, I’m taking it.

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