This Artists Shares Simple Life Truths Into Witty Comics And We Can Relate!


People often get offended when you hold up the simple truths about life in its raw form. But, nobody ever gets hurt by comics. Actually, if you think about it, you’ll be laughing at your own self if they were presented to you in the form of comics. Well, this Columbian artist knows this and has, therefore, presented the simple life truths as witty comics!

Andreas J Colmenares is a Columbian comic artist who presents the simple truth of life in the form of witty comics!

1. Everything seems shiny and new in the beginning but as you it grows older you realize what the real troubles are!
witty comics

2. Well, not everybody is meant to be the 6 in the dice, some people should learn to be satisfied with being a one.
witty comics
3. Um, he didn’t really mean for the Starfished you see, but at least you tried your best!
witty comics
4. True love is rare, but once you really love somebody with all your soul you’ll realize what true love is all about!
witty comics
5. Shocking isn’t it? When somebody shows you the mirror?
6. Don’t make fun of somebody because they don’t have what you possess right at the moment. Because when they do, it will be nothing like you’ve ever seen!
7. Knowledge helps you grow, no matter who you are, or how old you get, knowledge will always help you gain.
8. No matter how much you enjoy getting paid, responsibilities come seeking you. I can totally relate with you on this one buddy!
9. If you feel something deep in your bones it is often true, and sometimes two people work together really hard to make it come true.
10. If you try to be just like everyone else you begin to lose your own identity.
11. Not all gift is measured by how expensive they are, some are only felt by the heart and there is no gift more precious than the one you love.


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