This Australian Actress Is Hilariously Trolling Celebrity Photos!


Let’s be honest, not all the pictures that our favorite celebrities post is well, technically possible. But, we still adore them, and we sometimes try out the poses that they do. But, end up getting some hilarious results. This Australian actress is gonna give you a laugh of your life with her hilarious recreations of the celebrity photos!

Have a look at the hilarious recreations of your favorite celebrity photos by this talented Australian actress!

Celeste Barber is a famous Australian actress who is infamous for her perfect comedy timing. This talented comedian has a massive 4.5 million followers on Instagram who eagerly wait for her parodies of famous celebrity photos. Her husband motivates and supports her to keep up her work and spread smiles all around.

Here are some of the pictures that she has made parodies of and honestly, they are absolutely hilarious!

1. Looks like whale watching isn’t all graceful and beautiful as Haley Baldwin makes it look like.
celebrity photos

2. Putting mascara may look all cute and hot, but it is a real pain when you need to get it right!
celebrity photos
3. So many hats on one person? Now, that’s a bit too much Well, you need to make do with what you got.
celebrity photos
4. Posing in the shopping cart? Not as cool as you think it may be.
celebrity photos5. How do they look so good? I mean, the wind, the water everything just ends up in a mess!
celebrity photos6. Sibling love is not what these two are showing. This is the truer version of the sibling love that we talk about!

7. Doing yoga out in the open might look really nice for the celebrity, but for folks like us, this is the reality. God, the heat!
8. True love, isn’t all graceful and beautiful like the celebrities show us, sometimes, it is really all but clumsy moments together.

9. Nobody, I repeat, nobody looks that happy eating a salad. Well, if you’re talking about the real face, that is how it really looks like.

10. That is what falling off a rail looks like. Trust me it doesn’t look as hot as she is showing in the picture.

11. That is how you look when you take your mom’s swimsuit.
12. Justin Bieber may look, I don’t know, hot in this picture. But, common folks don’t.


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